Webinars are a great way to connect to leads and clients. This blog only explains the promotion aspect, but consider investing enough time to find great content, pictures and titles for your Webinar. Keep in mind that content is as important as the promotion.

Step 1: Create a landing page

A landing page will help you to show the world what your webinar is about, when it’s happening and how to get on the attendee list.

Be clear about the topics you will be talking about in your webinar, also write in bold everything your attendants will get by watching your webinar. For example, what skills are they going to develop? Remember to put a sign-up form with only the minimum fields necessary for people to be in the attendee list. Name and email are sufficient.

In addition, if you link your landing page with Google Analytics, you will see how much traffic and how people behave when reading your landing page.

Also do this: If you have a website apart from your landing page, use popups to offer the free webinars to people that visit your website.

Step 2: Set up a mailing list

The sign-up form you placed on the landing page (step 1) needs to be connected with a mailing list. You can do your mailing manually but there are free services like Constant Contact, Mailchimp and Sending to help you optimize your workflow.

This mailing list will help you reach your attendees later if there is a change of schedule, or if you need to send follow-up material or other announcements later. You also get a lead database to use later to announce new webinars via mailing.

Remember to provide an unsubscribe link in your emails to comply with privacy laws.

Step 3: Advertise (for free or in a low budget)

You don’t need a big budget to let people know about your webinar. Nowadays we can advertise to thousands of people for as low as 1 dollar a day on Facebook.

Try the free option on your first webinar to get familiar with all the integrated tools. Use your Facebook Fan Page and other Social Media you have. It’s important to use #hashtags in both Facebook and Twitter. If you have a good base of friends and followers, ask them to share and spread the word.

Step 4: Manage responses

Remember to check every post you make. For comments and answers, reply to all!

People might ask questions by email too.

Step 5: Remind your attendants

Now that you have some attendees signed up and a couple of days have passed, it is time to send another email, a reminder email. Do not just send a plain email with a date, make it attractive, give some new information or add something to catch the attention of the attendants.

Do not: Send too many reminders. 1 every week is enough and 1 before the day of the webinar. Sending one a couple of hours before is also good.

That’s it! Break a leg and put on a good show. Remember to make your webinar attractive by using animations in your slides, show your face if possible, answer questions every certain amount of time, do a Q&A session at the end, and try to answer all the questions live.